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Fundraising FAQs

For Participants

When and How will I receive my order?

Each organization is assigned a delivery date, which is approx. 4 weeks following the order deadline which should be communicated to you by the organization in advance.  All orders over 125 items will be individually packaged per customer and delivered to the organization.

How can I easily refer a friend or a family member?

We are an environmentally conscious company and as such, we encourage participants to go paperless when possible, but some may find it easier to collect orders online orders using our brochures.  Easier still, you can provide any one with the website address and they can order online at their earliest convenience... we can even provide an attractive custom email template with a link to the site.

Will I have to pay for shipping?

No shipping fees are required for deliveries to the organization

Can I order more after the fundraiser is over?

Of course, all our products are available all year round through our retail store, or you can encourage your organization to participate again in our next fundraiser so you can continue your support!

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For Organizations


How do we get started?

Once you register and select your chosen delivery date we will send you a 'Welcome Package' email confirming the date and a providing specific information on what to expect as well as everything else you need to know in order to run a successful fundraising campaign from the start to finish, including; communication/promotion examples.  Reminders and emails for fundraisers will also be sent throughout the campaign.

When is the deadline and delivery date?

The delivery date is agreed upon once registration is complete.   The deadline for orders will be set 4 weeks prior to the delivery date.   

Do we have to organize the orders to be placed?

Orders are placed online by each customer and therefore do not require any flyer distribution, collection and/or organization on your end. 

Can we see how our campaign is progressing?

Using the coordinators email address you can access your organization's sales through the Coordinator's Portal .  These totals are updated weekly.

Do we have to organize and distribute the orders when they are delivered?

Orders will be individually labeled and packaged per participant and will include a list of their orders.  This should make for easy distribution.

What profits can we expect and when will we receive the payment?

Every organization earns a minimum of 30%, profits increase to 35% after 249 items ordered, and 40% over 751 Items ordered.

Our driver will have your cheque and official invoice on delivery day!!

Did we miss something?  We would love to hear from you.  Contact Us Now

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