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We Are Here to Help

Fundraising is simple and easy with MacMillians.  For years we have been selling our famous cookie doughs, muffin batters and other goodies to local schools and organizations throughout Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, and have become a name families can trust.  Proceeds of each purchase will go towards the organization's much needed program funding initiatives.  Here are a few a ways we just made fundraising as easy as baking our delicious cookies and just as sweet as eating them.

We Now Offer Convenient Online Ordering. 
Same great Quality Products that are Affordable and Easy to Prepare.
Easy Referral Codes for Participants to send to Friends and Family.
Each order over 125 items, is individually packaged, labeled and delivered to your school for easy distribution.  
We provide the promotional material and we'll be available to answer any questions. 

Here's the Best Part (Wait for it...)

 Every organization earns a minimum of 30%,
Profits increase to 35% after 250 Items ordered
and 40% over 751 Items ordered
Still Have More Questions?
Visit our FAQs for Participants and Organizations or Contact Us
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